Tiny Fish Acting like Turtles

I've never seen fish do this before! These tiny triggerfish were resting on this piece of wood like turtles on a log, incredibly bizarre behavior!

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  1. Rays man

    Rays man

    31 دقائق قبل

    Jngan di buang lgi ke laut sampah nya ngab

  2. ViscidPort9514


    ساعات قبل

    Those are called triggerfish

  3. Anthony Heredia

    Anthony Heredia

    ساعات قبل

    Okay how they acting like turtles tho ? That’s misleading

  4. Ay L

    Ay L

    ساعات قبل

    I dislike how people randomly interrupt the wild life without any scientific investigation nor culinary. Just for tiktoks or IG🙄

  5. levi ackerman's odm gear

    levi ackerman's odm gear

    2 ساعات قبل

    dude sounds like iferg

  6. KayP


    2 ساعات قبل

    Anyone else annoyed at how long he took to put the fish back in the water so it could breathe 🙄

  7. Luke Nauman

    Luke Nauman

    3 ساعات قبل

    Baby trigger fish

  8. Antwan Aguilera

    Antwan Aguilera

    4 ساعات قبل

    They thought it was the Krusty Krab

  9. Jaco CJ ieT

    Jaco CJ ieT

    4 ساعات قبل

    Helping out.. put back to water with the trap again.. why bruhh🤣

  10. Im Peppa Pig

    Im Peppa Pig

    5 ساعات قبل

    Me getting anxiety cuz they taking too long to put the fish back in the water😭😭

  11. Memeasaur Wiggum

    Memeasaur Wiggum

    5 ساعات قبل

    Look close one falls off when he pulls it up



    7 ساعات قبل

    There were tree fishes

  13. T El

    T El

    7 ساعات قبل

    That is a tiny trigger fish they do this constantly. His spines on the top and bottom of him are to help hold him in place. I'd bet my life he was hiding in the wood to feel safer and remain un-eating.

  14. John Doe

    John Doe

    8 ساعات قبل

    Put that thing back into the water already! TF you laughing at, you maniac?

  15. Shine Millares

    Shine Millares

    8 ساعات قبل

    Dude it's called sunbathing 😂

  16. BlackWidow


    9 ساعات قبل

    You do realize that’s what triggerfish does right? Lol



    14 ساعات قبل

    They like to go on to hide on predators of the sea

  18. XxKingJTuckxX


    14 ساعات قبل

    Could've show us without disturbing them 🙄



    16 ساعات قبل

    That was its hatchery ..

  20. shera winter

    shera winter

    17 ساعات قبل

    Umm if I'm not mistaken those are trigger fish and that's what they do to hide from predators fyi tho I'm pretty sure most people know this but if not there ya go

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      Yes they are triggerfish

  21. Big bad baby

    Big bad baby

    19 ساعات قبل

    lol Awww 🥰

  22. Arekusu


    20 ساعات قبل

    The dudes: hahaha that's crazy! The fish: please god *gasp* put me...back...

  23. Elias Hernandez

    Elias Hernandez

    20 ساعات قبل

    Dude you should of kept as a pet

  24. Connor Davis

    Connor Davis

    21 ساعات قبل

    Honestly talk about adaptation for survival!

  25. No Hi

    No Hi

    21 ساعات قبل


    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      How exactly?

  26. Serat Arsy Bagus Ibrahim

    Serat Arsy Bagus Ibrahim

    21 ساعات قبل

    "Hey, you destroyed my log" - Ralph

  27. Life As Niyah

    Life As Niyah

    22 ساعات قبل


    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      There's fish eggs on the log look at the white dots on it

  28. Mihai Ursulescu

    Mihai Ursulescu

    22 ساعات قبل


  29. Glyn Medallo

    Glyn Medallo

    23 ساعات قبل

    Maybe they worked hard for that boat. So they will not get tired of swimmimg all the time.

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      The boats fine

  30. funnylookingmushroom


    أيام قبل

    Sweetcorn from a turd next week!

  31. Anonymous


    أيام قبل

    Laughing like fools while f-ing with nature. Couple of real geniuses there.

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      They aren't messing with nature

  32. Fitawrari Fitness

    Fitawrari Fitness

    أيام قبل

    Maybe these fish attach to drift wood as a defense mechanism?

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      Those white spots on the log are fish eggs

  33. Jacob


    أيام قبل

    Am I the only one who thinks this guys reaction to everything and the way he talks is sooooo annoying

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      I don't

  34. HannahsAdventures


    أيام قبل

    Why is no one talking about how H sounds exactly like shaggy, Zoinks scoob like look at this fish trying to look like a turrtle.

  35. In Limbo

    In Limbo

    أيام قبل

    The best part (as always): the comment section. lmao

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      Actually the worst

  36. William Olsen

    William Olsen

    أيام قبل

    Why can't people be in awe at a distance.

  37. Hang Chill

    Hang Chill

    أيام قبل

    Keep working your doing good

  38. Adriana Rodriguez

    Adriana Rodriguez

    أيام قبل

    Noone: Fish: ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh My Shell ahhhhhhhh My flesh rippin aparte ahhhhhhhh " looks up" oh oh just put us back we thought You were a shark

  39. Philly Native

    Philly Native

    أيام قبل

    Dude sounds like shaggy

  40. Guna Ramasamy

    Guna Ramasamy

    أيام قبل


  41. trisgaming. Funnyy

    trisgaming. Funnyy

    أيام قبل

    Mans they were hiding from the bigger fish😿

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      Pretty sure those white spots on the logs where fish eggs

  42. hardian


    أيام قبل

    Jabung 😀

  43. Nate Ericsson

    Nate Ericsson

    أيام قبل

    they were probably using that piece of wood for cover and concealment, pretty sure these fools signed their death sentences.

    • Nate Ericsson

      Nate Ericsson

      14 ساعات قبل

      @Patrick not really, my vocabulary is just weak.

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل

      Lmfao death sentence good one

  44. Hibiscus Flower

    Hibiscus Flower

    أيام قبل

    Sounds like Shaggy.

  45. Mikayla Howe

    Mikayla Howe

    أيام قبل

    Bro just leave them alone wtf

    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل


    • Patrick


      15 ساعات قبل


  46. Anichur Anichur

    Anichur Anichur

    أيام قبل


  47. Royce Romero

    Royce Romero

    أيام قبل

    There was 3 total The first one fell out and swam under the boat when he first picked it up

  48. RustyEngines


    أيام قبل

    Fairly sure those are a type of trigger fish that use their dorsal spine to lock themselves in small crevices, to hide from predators 😐

  49. bolt storm

    bolt storm

    أيام قبل

    The fish that you found their name are kumunuku apoaha

  50. AVP


    أيام قبل

    That's a Triggerfish they do that for protection.

  51. Diana Marie Centro

    Diana Marie Centro

    أيام قبل

    Why would you throw the log back in? It was good you saved the fish 🐟

  52. DubiousN00B


    أيام قبل

    They're acting like that's the only cover they had on the open ocean.

  53. Michael Hodges

    Michael Hodges

    2 أيام قبل

    Video quality so bad you can't say nothing

  54. Mat Hattered

    Mat Hattered

    2 أيام قبل

    There was 3. One fell off when he took it out of the water

  55. Javi Emma

    Javi Emma

    2 أيام قبل

    Dude be sounding like Shaggy.

  56. Lloyd Dsouza

    Lloyd Dsouza

    2 أيام قبل

    Whats the name of this fish ?

  57. Jigga FIRE

    Jigga FIRE

    2 أيام قبل

    Smaller fish have to use anything they can for cover when they're out in deep water

  58. harley taylor

    harley taylor

    2 أيام قبل

    This is all natural (not joking)

  59. some dude

    some dude

    2 أيام قبل

    What silly little fishys :>

  60. M A R K H O R

    M A R K H O R

    2 أيام قبل

    🐟: da fuq let us live bruh

  61. Lora Slaten

    Lora Slaten

    2 أيام قبل

    You sounded like shaggy from Scooby-Doo

  62. SCP Guard Plays

    SCP Guard Plays

    2 أيام قبل

    Joshua: bro its wood Wood: no its fish

  63. Minilla Club

    Minilla Club

    2 أيام قبل

    Be honest most of the commenters would of done the same.

  64. EA


    2 أيام قبل

    the fish after it was free and seen the wood, here we go again...



    2 أيام قبل

    Wow and throws them out ruining their childhood playground what an idiot!!!! Typical HUMANS!!!

  66. 台獨_台独 🇹🇼

    台獨_台独 🇹🇼

    2 أيام قبل

    That's a filefish

  67. trillest rican

    trillest rican

    2 أيام قبل

    there were 3 one was smart enough to jump off the log before he picked it up see that little black thing swim away right before he picks it upy

  68. TUFxSykeCODM


    2 أيام قبل

    Congratulations you just fucked up a peace of art

  69. Web Escape

    Web Escape

    2 أيام قبل

    Fish:- " thanks brooooooooooooo......

  70. Corey Grundman

    Corey Grundman

    2 أيام قبل

    Lol they're like bruh I'm sucking on this wood slime give me a break homie. Let me enjoy my high or dinner

  71. CE 45 vaibhav kushwaha

    CE 45 vaibhav kushwaha

    2 أيام قبل

    i hope that was piranha...

  72. Silence Please

    Silence Please

    2 أيام قبل

    Fish: That was our home bruh 🐠

  73. NatsumInsane


    2 أيام قبل

    This laugh is giving me David dobrik vibe.. creeps me out, was it that funny? 😅 his level of humor..

  74. 1PersonWrites


    2 أيام قبل

    Esto me recuerda a los Sims 4

  75. Allycia Hwang

    Allycia Hwang

    2 أيام قبل

    The water is very blue

  76. Danila Monteiro

    Danila Monteiro

    2 أيام قبل

    Poor fish

  77. Jonathan Wroblewski

    Jonathan Wroblewski

    2 أيام قبل

    How does this connect with turtles again?…

  78. Michele Del Giudice

    Michele Del Giudice

    2 أيام قبل

    They are perfectly camouflaged with a drifting log, they are traveling predator free.

  79. Sarahí Gonzalez

    Sarahí Gonzalez

    2 أيام قبل

    Les parece gracioso que la demas gente tire basura en ese caso un tronco de madera y los peses se esten atorando mejor que se lo ubieran llevado el tronco para que no se atoren mas peses😠😠

  80. rayhana guerchich

    rayhana guerchich

    2 أيام قبل

    pourquoi il remet le morceau de bois à la mer alors qu'il a vue que des poisson ce bloquer dedant?

  81. bart stam

    bart stam

    2 أيام قبل

    Yes i found a place to rest using my specialy evolved fins to keep myself in place godamit you retarded human i was trying to sleep

  82. Metallic Smith

    Metallic Smith

    3 أيام قبل

    Humans can be bad and good for the environment

  83. Mala Dude

    Mala Dude

    3 أيام قبل

    What a clout chasing knob!

  84. chrispysaid


    3 أيام قبل

    This video keeps crashing the ARshows app on my phone 🤣🤣

  85. Bruce Timothy

    Bruce Timothy

    3 أيام قبل

    Those fishes are method actors, actually they were auditioning for the role of turtles when these humans interrupted them. I'm sure one of them is Tom hanks of fishes.

  86. NadeVoDs


    3 أيام قبل

    Bro thos are trigger fish and you just triggered it, stick your finger near its mouth fo science.

  87. J Franc

    J Franc

    3 أيام قبل

    I would have used that drift wood for my aquarium! Hehe

  88. Ashton M

    Ashton M

    3 أيام قبل

    Telling my kids this was Shaggy from Scooby-Doo

  89. coosee :v

    coosee :v

    3 أيام قبل

    Is nobody going to talk about how lovely that water looks?

  90. naira nasser nasser

    naira nasser nasser

    3 أيام قبل


  91. Kelly Booth

    Kelly Booth

    3 أيام قبل

    People here need to chill out

  92. Falcon Layz

    Falcon Layz

    3 أيام قبل

    Keep up the good content

  93. Brandon Webb

    Brandon Webb

    3 أيام قبل

    The water be like The blue Gatorade

  94. Dragai


    3 أيام قبل

    they were getting it on in there

  95. Juan Figueroa

    Juan Figueroa

    3 أيام قبل

    You took away their home... As*

  96. M A T E S

    M A T E S

    3 أيام قبل

    Fish looking like he is angry on the person who took him out

  97. Pluto N. Uranus

    Pluto N. Uranus

    3 أيام قبل


  98. athirs


    3 أيام قبل

    Bro one swam off when you picked it up

  99. Joshua Tulong

    Joshua Tulong

    3 أيام قبل

    Take the log and throw it in the land somewhere not throw it back into the ocean dullwitted