Making a bolt with ZIGZAG threads - SO STRANGE! - Lost PLA metal casting

In this video I will be making a bolt with unique zigzag threads. I started this project by 3d printing models in a plastic called PLA. Then I coated the models 10 times with a ceramic material called Suspendaslurry. After the ceramic shells were completely dry I placed them in my kiln and melted out the PLA plastic. At 1500 degrees Fahrenheit the ceramic shells became vitrified, turning into a ceramic that can withstand the heat of molten bronze. I melted the bronze in my homemade keg foundry furnace and then poured the liquid metal into the ceramic shell molds. This is similar to the lost wax casting process.

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------- 3d printed versions -------

I plan on selling 3d printed versions of the bolts shown in this video. I'm am working to set up a website and sell them as soon as possible. Please check here soon.

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  1. Robinson Foundry

    Robinson Foundry

    Hey! I hope you like the video! Have a great weekend everyone! 🍻

  2. Verlisify


    This is so cool its hard to put into words. It would be cool if you started a Kickstarter to sell factory mechined desk toy versions

  3. Dark


    amazing how well the castings turned out

  4. Felix Jamieson

    Felix Jamieson

    you should definitely make two of these with the ends cast together so that you can just flip it over and the nuts flow down to the other bolt. like an hourglass! love your videos and designs

  5. Anurag Mahajan

    Anurag Mahajan

    That was amazing! The amount of detailing and cleaning, simply awesome!

  6. Julian HG

    Julian HG

    Awesome job! The detail you got from using the suspendaslurry is amazing. I did a lost pla moon but used a poured investment, it was no way as awesome as your work. I might have to try suspendaslurry. Great video

  7. Soniq Gemini

    Soniq Gemini

    I thought this is absolutely amazingly creative. My goodness man, I am amazed at how this turned out.

  8. Dantes Alves de Santana

    Dantes Alves de Santana

    Muito bom

  9. Jacob May

    Jacob May

    Thats pretty sweet! It would be interesting to see this design of the bolt threads made into a circle, like a ring of threaded rod. Where the nut is permanently stuck on threads and just keeps spinning around and around as you rotate the ring portion. It would be difficult but i think really rewarding

  10. patrick russell

    patrick russell

    From a machinist standpoint, this is the coolest thing I've seen in a while. Keep up the good work.

  11. tabttu


    Very cool! I think you're gonna be pretty big on YT... this video was great! Not too long, not too short... you didn't drown us in overly complicated technical details, but provided just enough information to keep it interesting. You did great with audio and video as well. Overall, (IMO) this is excellent content, and I loved it!

  12. BENT n BROKE


    This is absolutely crazy! From concept to actuality! Can't put into words how fantastic this whole process and how it came together! Bravo!

  13. G-brew


    21 أيام قبل

    Wow! A lot of time and amazing work went into that. I'm even more impressed that you have the tools and know-how to do that sort of fabrication.

  14. Chris Cobble

    Chris Cobble

    I'd love to see a version with a bolt head on both ends, so you could just turn it back and forth and never have to worry about losing a nut. It would be a great desk toy for sure!

  15. TurboSol


    This guy is a casting master! I've seen so many videos of people trying to cast metal and it's so freaking hard, you nailed your technique on this

  16. Walt


    Wow, that's super cool. Consider mounting on a bearing so that it would rotate freely for when nuts are falling downward. Also, maybe you could make a precision one that would act as an hour glass, so to speak

  17. John Doe

    John Doe

    Awesome toy!!! Sadly, some of us don't know anything about 3D printing, much less have the patience to do all the work we just watched. Would be cool if there was some website selling the finished metal version of this thing, ready to be played with right out of the box. Cool toy, two thumbs up!!! 😎👍👍

  18. The Overcomer

    The Overcomer

    Great! Thanks for the detail on making a mould! Congratulations, that thing looks fine as! Like a forged part! I can't even see the layer lines but I'll watch again.

  19. Shawn Norton

    Shawn Norton

    Absolutely fabulous video, I totally geeked out. The time spent to make this happen is completely compensated for by the number of views, excellent content and beautiful results.

  20. Nino Deiulis

    Nino Deiulis

    I'm a physics teacher and the first thought I had watching your end products was just how good of a demonstration it is of rotational momentum. Nice work. I doubt you would get a similar effect with your plastic 3D printed versions since they have such low mass. Although, I suppose glueing some rods to the nuts would add enough rotational inertia to make it happen.