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After 13 months of work, the second DIY camper van is finally finished! 😍

This is the whole Peugeot Boxer van conversion in just one video!
Btw. that's the same car like the Citroen Jumper and the Fiat Ducato.
Enjoy watching the full van conversion timelapse!

We started from an empty transporter. We wanted to build a campervan that you can live in full time and at the same time looks better than all the ready made "premium" camping cars.

For the german people:
Falls ihr deutsch seid, würde es mich rießig freuen, wenn ihr meinen Kanal abonniert! :)
Ihr findet auch eine ausführliche deutschsprachige Van Tour auf meinem Kanal sowie seeeehr ausführliche Videos zu allen Bereichen des Ausbaus! All das findet ihr in folgender Playlist:

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If you have any questions about the van, just leave a comment :-)

We've installed two sky lights, three huge solar panels for our 12V battery system, a LiFePo4 battery, a fridge, a hidden gas stove, a camping toilet and a 150l fresh water tank for showering and for example dish washing. Also, there's a roof top terrace, an extendable bed and an extendable table and tons of storage! Well, and a parking heater and even a boiler for hot water... :D

Have fun watching this camper conversion timelapse!

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  1. Selma Soares

    Selma Soares

    Belíssima casinha!💕💕💕

  2. Valerie McQueen

    Valerie McQueen

    Everytime I say to people I want to do something like this they make fun of me, I wish more people where into van life, or at least be less judgemental. Your vídeo is SO encouraging!! CONGRATS!! Awesome job! 👏👏👏

  3. #asiarek


    Mega, mega piękna robota. Dokładność szczegółów i ogromny zapał. Pełny profesjonalizm.

  4. Neil R

    Neil R

    Great video Dennis. It shows your determination and motivation to finish the job (during multiple winters and summers) without cutting corners. It is also important that you maintained the rule “Attention to details” during the whole process. Absolutely quality workmanship and great finished product.

  5. Zad


    The time and patience you put out to transform what seems to be a cargo van into a minimalist kind of home are beyond my expectations. Just wow!

  6. Melodius Thump

    Melodius Thump

    This is one of the best ‘how-to’s’ I’ve ever seen. Your time lapse techniques are amazing. Especially like the meditation floor glide and floating panel tricks!

  7. Louise Mann

    Louise Mann

    I’m so impressed that you did this in your front driveway, passage, lounge … in such a limited space. No special workshop! What a beauty!

  8. Josh


    I LOVE the layout of this build! Good job!!!

  9. pam kellow

    pam kellow

    I am amazed,seeing the seasons come and go,all made from scratch,no units bought .

  10. SLM SLM


    Wow!! I am super impressed with the design (someone put an extraordinary amount of thought into it), and execution of this conversion. Mad carpentry and woodworking skills too! Just awesome!!

  11. Ace IzHigh

    Ace IzHigh

    Y'all do great work. You inspire many. Looking to get in the van life myself. Still only a pipe dream but these videos keep me motivated! Thanks for the inspiration.

  12. Russell Wall

    Russell Wall

    أيام قبل

    Amazed is an understatement! I am in awe of your dedication and extreme attention to detail in this project. You put so much time and effort into it through Heat and Snow...and all the while your Hair was on Fleek! :) Bravo! 👏

  13. rachel hudson

    rachel hudson

    The attention to detail and build are amazing. Well done young man, you are so incredibly talented.

  14. Fernando Hidalgo

    Fernando Hidalgo

    Nice conversion! I love the woodwork! Very good quality!

  15. Hoodie Girl

    Hoodie Girl

    Super wykonany van.

  16. mike manjo

    mike manjo

    Wow! Mad skills. Gorgeous home! Love the layout. Thanks for sharing! Jane in SC Prayers for your safe travels!

  17. Ove Bakken

    Ove Bakken

    W T F, this is so well executed. You even modified / messed with the top of the fuel pump without the proper tools. I wouldn't have dared.

  18. tracie D

    tracie D

    Wow you guys are amazing the amount of work you've both put into this incredible campervan well done words can explain how amazed I am with what you achieved

  19. Rebecca Lee

    Rebecca Lee

    Outstanding craftsmanship! You definitely have a gift and it shows.

  20. Hanna Brunner

    Hanna Brunner

    This was so much fun to watch! Also very nice work, it looks beautiful😍